Wedding Traditions

If you are looking for a nice way to add a custom touch to your wedding day, you may want to read up on wedding traditions. It doesn’t matter if you are Scottish, Jewish, Irish or Native American. Wedding traditions from your culture can add the perfect touch to a beautiful ceremony or reception. Sticking with traditions from your culture will also please many of your elderly relatives that are unfamiliar and uncomfortable with change.
Mexican Wedding Tradition:

If you have a Mexican background, a common Mexican wedding tradition is to have many attendants at the wedding, all of which have a crucial role in the wedding itself. It is also common for the bride’s family to pray with her in their home, prior to sending her to the ceremony for marriage. These little additions from traditional weddings will help make your modern wedding fun and unique. Traditional wedding invitations are a great way let your guest know what to expect.
German Wedding Traditions:

No matter what your religion or culture is you can easily find information on the traditions that will make your wedding day your own. For example, German wedding traditions often include a car procession after the ceremony. The bride and groom’s car is often decorated with fresh flowers on the hood. If you are Italian, a wedding tradition that you may wish to consider is that Sunday weddings are regarded as the luckiest.
Filipino Wedding Traditions:

Filipino wedding traditions are that the couple each has sponsors such as you would see in baptism, where there are Godparents. Welsh wedding traditions are that the bride’s family kidnap her just before the ceremony and whoever rescues her first gets to marry her within a year. In Muslim wedding traditions, the families of the couple give each other gifts. Wedding customs and traditions can be found very easily and often give you wonderful ideas for your wedding day that will make it a marriage to remember!

Korean Traditional Wedding:

Today, couples from Korea often have a small Korean traditional wedding wearing the traditional attire. Afterwards, they often have a westernized wedding with tuxedo attire and white wedding gown. An easy way to add a Hawaiian wedding tradition to your ceremony is to have the wedding party wear fresh flower leis.
Common Traditions in Western Cultures:

If you are looking for the more common traditions in western cultures, one of the English wedding traditions is to have a “Hen” for the bride and a “Stag” for the groom prior to the wedding itself. If you are catholic, wedding traditions often include a communications test and marriage preparation classes.
No matter what your background or religion, you will want to consider the wedding traditions used by your past ancestors and relatives. Using a special wedding tradition or custom of your people is a wonderful way to make the wedding day fun for you and your family.

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