Wedding Toasts

The speeches portion of the wedding reception is a time during the wedding day that allows people to get to know the bride and groom, and their families, through laughter and emotional sentiment. Along with the speeches you will see, hear or participate in wedding toasts.

As a member of the wedding party or the bride or groom’s family, you will have been charged with writing a wedding toast. Whether you use wedding toasting flutes or a fancy wedding toasting glass won’t matter to the bride. Wedding toasting flutes are similar to wedding toasting goblets. The name is different, but the purpose is the same-to show your affection to the couple on their special day. What will matter is that you are giving a wedding toast in her honor. The toast to the bride or bride and groom is a sentiment of the warm and loving feelings you have for them both. When the maid or matron of honor makes a toast to the bride, it is her way of saying how special she thinks she is. Occasionally, the bride may give wedding toasts for the matron of honor.

If you are one of the lucky people in charge of giving toasts to the bride and groom, you have to take the time to make a perfect toast-one that is meant just for them. If you speak to others that have given toasts, you may get some free wedding toast ideas. Looking at bridal or marriage magazines or online sites will give you many creative free wedding toasts to use. Giving toasts has been a routine for weddings for many years, so free wedding speeches and toasts should be plentiful. I’m sure you’ve been at many weddings where you’ve heard toasts from different members of the family or bridal party. Your toast may be serious and sentimental or have a touch of humor to it. Many times a 50th wedding anniversary toast will consist of funny wedding toasts. The same is true for a lot of wedding anniversary toasts.

Irish wedding toasts usually consist of very similar toasts or proverbs. They aren’t like American toasts where the bride will talk of the past and childhood of the bride or the best man with the groom. The Irish wedding toasts are more like blessings. Many toasts are given for wedding anniversary whether it’s for the 50th, 75th or even 65th wedding anniversary toasts.

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