Wedding Reception Types

There are many wedding reception types, and sometimes choosing one to suit the style and needs of you and your guests can be a daunting task. The information in our next sections will help you choose the wedding reception that is right for you!
Figuring out whether you want to have a cocktail wedding reception, or a much larger wedding reception with dinner and dancing, is really up to you. One major deciding factor is your budget as the food at a wedding reception is the single largest cost involved.
If you do decide that you would like to have dinner during your reception, be sure to check out as many different wedding caterers as you can to find out who will be able to give you the most value for your money. Be sure that you do not go with the cheapest you find unless you can get good references from their previous customers. You do not want to be eating food that tastes like dirt on your big day!
Deciding on whether you would like to have an open bar or a cash bar at your wedding will also depend mostly on your budget and the number of guests that will be attending your wedding reception. After all, most people cannot afford to have an open bar for a wedding of 500 people!
Wedding reception seating and table settings are also something that you have to get worked out. Do you want people to sit wherever they want on a first come first served basis, or do you want to have a defined seating plan with assigned seating? Really, this has to be your decision.
Wedding speeches are a very big part of a traditional wedding reception. Be sure to select people that are going to be funny and entertaining for your guests to listen to, and try to keep the speeches to a maximum of about 5 minutes. You do not want people nodding off while the parents of the bride speak for 2 hours! The groom’s speech is generally after the best man’s and should thank him and the other guests for attending. The bride’s speech, which is usually done at the same time as the groom’s speech, addresses the bridesmaids and thanks the parents of the bride for their support over the years. The best man usually tells funny stories about the groom, followed by a heartfelt announcement at the conclusion. And the maid of honor’s speech can go either way, funny or sentimental, depending how the relationship is between her and the bride, goofy or serious. There are many wedding speech and wedding toasts ideas found throughout the following topics to help you make these decisions for your own unique wedding reception.

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