Wedding Music

The music you choose is the key to setting the right mood at your wedding reception or dance; which means choosing the right wedding music is one of the most important aspects of wedding planning. Your decision will affect the way your party turns out.

Today, a lot of brides and grooms are taking more time to listen to some wedding music together. They are making it even more personal and romantic by have the wedding music lyrics sang about them. Many times, they will sit down with their musicians or DJs and choose the music, or give them certain wedding music clips they want played. If you do not know much about music, they should be able to give you some lists of music for weddings or they may have you listen to wedding music to help you decide. Many times, they will also tell you to go to certain websites where you can download free wedding music.
Catholic/Christian Wedding Music:

When it comes to choosing your wedding music, you must first decide what type of wedding you are having. Today, many people are having Catholic, Lutheran, or Christian weddings; therefore, they can only have Catholic wedding music played at the wedding. If you have troubles finding certain songs for your wedding your priest should be able to help by giving you a Catholic wedding music list to go from. You may also go to your pastor for advice on Christian wedding music that is good for you. Another thing you will have to ask your pastor/priest; is will the church allow you to play the wedding march music while you are walking down the aisle?

Disney Wedding Music:

For many women the wedding recessional music is the music that they want to choose. Many women like to have hit songs played, while others want just the wedding march. It also varies on what type of wedding you are having. Many young women today are having the Disney wedding music because the theme of their wedding is a Disney princess.
Bagpipe Wedding Music:

Many women have even had their wedding to portray their heritage. It has been that if they are Irish, they even had bagpipe wedding music playing while they walked down the aisle. Many people have even said that the sound of bagpipe wedding music is some-what romantic.

When choosing the music for your wedding, it should be what you like considering the day is about you. When consulting with your singer/DJ they may give you some free wedding music to also consider, because it may be a popular music for weddings. However, no matter what, it should be about you and your spouse.

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