Wedding Engagement Rings

In many years, people have become interested in knowing the history of the engagement ring. In fact, many have even asked their local jewelers: What is the history of the engagement ring? In addition, of course, there are many different stories to be told of the history behind the engagement ring. In fact, many people are more interest in the history of engagement rings than the history of wedding rings.

When it comes to history, the engagement ring has been around for many centuries. The beginning of the engagement ring history can be traced back to the Fourth Lateran Council, which was run by Pope Innocent the third. This was occurring during 1215. Pope Innocent had declared that there was to be a longer waiting period between betrothal and the marriage itself. Plain rings of gold, silver or iron were used during the earliest part of this new trend. Gems later where used and were considered important, as they were a reassuring status symbol for the aristocrats. Laws, as a result were passed to maintain a visible division between the different classes of society during these times. This ensured that only the rich could have jewels. Over time, these laws were less enforced and diamonds and other gems became available to the middle class of society.

There have been many theories on the history of the engagement ring. In fact, at one time engagement rings had sets of stones mounted atop them. At one time, a pattern included six gemstones to celebrate the joining of two families. The birthstones of the bride’s parents, groom’s parents and the bride and groom themselves where used. Another similar pattern, using only four stones, had the birthstone of the parent’s marriages and the bride and groom. These engagement rings usually had a channel where a lock of the suitor’s hair could be held.

There were a couple of Victorian traditions in which the gemstones used in the ring would spell out the word ‘regards’ or ‘dearest’ using the first letter from every gemstone in the ring.

The first diamond engagement ring on record was given to Mary of Burgundy as a betrothal gift in 1477. However, it took a very successful advertising campaign in the 20th century to make the diamond ring what it is today. This campaign included the phrase, “A diamond is forever.”

There is a lot of information on the history of the engagement ring. In fact, at one point they had even tried to market a male engagement ring; but it failed miserably!!

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