Wedding Costs Breakdown

Wedding costs are not always pleasant, but they are usually worth it. If you are planning your wedding and wondering how much you can expect to spend or what the average cost of a wedding is, stop worrying. Stop asking yourself, “How much does a wedding cost?” There is no average cost of a wedding because you can have a wedding that costs as little or as much as you want to spend.

Even though all weddings are different and you should not worry about average wedding cost, people often end up spending money on the same types of things. That is when average wedding costs, broken down into specific items can be more helpful. This is what is known as wedding costs breakdown.

As you plan your wedding, you can expect to run up against costs for the bride and groom’s attire, a venue, a marriage officiate, flowers, decorations, a dinner and midnight lunch, gifts for attendants, jewelry and many other things. Even though money seems complicated, wedding expenses are not that complicated. It used to be easy to understand who pays for wedding expenses.

For instance, the groom would cover the cost of a wedding officiant; the approximate cost of a wedding officiant is $50. And, the parents of the bride would cover most if not all of the wedding expenses, including the wedding dinner that can cost anywhere from $1000 to $20,000.

As time goes by, the etiquette regarding who will cover the wedding cost is changing. Things have become much more flexible. Often, the bride and groom cover the complete cost of the wedding. In other cases, the parents of the couple split the costs. In addition, in still other cases, the parents contribute just as much as they can and the couple covers the rest. There are many ways to find help with the cost of a wedding.

And while the cost of weddings varies, generalizations can be made. For instance, “How much does a 150-guest wedding cost?” It can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 depending on your budget and willingness to spend money on your big day. Many of the expenses can be lessened by allowing yourself to shop around for the best deals. A wedding day should be special and memorable and not a financial drain on the couple or their parents, as is often the case.

So, stop worrying about how much money people can expect to spend on a wedding and what average cost of weddings is. Just think about how much you can afford and what you want your big day to be like.

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