Wedding Ceremony Unity Candles

Unity candles are part of a beautiful wedding ceremony that symbolizes the coming together of two wonderful people and two families. The completion of the unity candle ceremony demonstrates the spiritual connection of the two people who have committed their lives together. Since the beginning of wedding unity candles, their popularity is so great that they are used at almost every wedding.

If you would like to have a unity candle ceremony performed at your wedding, then you will want to know about the many unity candle designs that are available and that there are many different arrangements for the unity candle ceremony. For instance, the bride and groom can light their own candles and then light a third candle in the performing of a unity candle ceremony, or the parents of the bride and groom each light a candle and pass that the bride and groom, who will in turn light a third candle together.

Unity candles can be ordered in a variety of colors and sizes. The plum unity candle is in coordination of the new popularity of the color plum. These can also be made into personalized unity candles with the bride and groom’s name and date of wedding. Some couples go with the family unity candle in honor of deceased family members that are unable to attend the wedding. This is generally made as a personalized unity candle with each family member’s name on.

Another version of the unity candle that is getting popular is the blended family unity candles. This consists of the big unity candle with both family’s names on and two taper candles. The unity candle stand usually does not come with the candle, but must be purchased separately. Unity candleholders are available in almost any material you desire whether it is brass, gold, plastic, ceramic, and silver among others. They are usually made to hold the large unity candle and two taper candles, but occasionally you may see unity candle holders with 3 tapers. The most common design for the unity candle holder is the design of rings with the color being white or silver.

The double wick unity candle is very popular and symbolic for weddings. The bride lights one wick, the groom lights the other wick, and within seconds, the two wicks become to symbolize man and woman becoming one in marriage.

For those that enjoy Walt Disney characters, there are unity candles made with Disney cartoon characters, such as Cinderella and Mickey and Minnie unity candles. These are beautiful hand-sculptured holders.

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