Wedding Bride’s Speech

The bride speech is one of the most looked forward to speeches during the reception. The bride has been the center of attention for the entire day, so the guest will naturally love to hear what she has to say. Bride speeches are a great way to say thanks to the people involved in helping make your wedding day special. This may also be considered a bride thank you speech.

A bride’s speech to the groom is often funny with some nice sentiments included. There are also many other people that could potentially be giving a speech to the bride during the wedding reception. A father of the bride speech is usually very heartwarming as the father has an opportunity to talk about his pride for his daughter. As a rule, father of the bride speeches are usually tearjerkers as he is talking about his “little girl”. Often, a father of the bride wedding speech will be given at the wedding dance around the same time as the father dance. Occasionally, in a large wedding, you may even see a mother in law speech to the bride and groom. Often you will see wedding speeches for mother of the bride and they are also sentimental at times. A search online will find you a great wedding speech for mother of the bride.

Wedding speeches by the brother of the bride are not very common, but usually are interesting. A brother of the bride wedding speech can be humorous, telling goofy stories that the bride and her brother have experienced. Then there are the often tear jerking mother of the bride speeches that get most of the guests tearing up at the wonderful things that the mother says to her daughter.

Some other common speeches at a wedding reception include a sister of the bride wedding speech where a sister can say how she feels about the bride and her new husband. There is also commonly a welcome the bride wedding speech where a member of the groom’s family welcomes the bride into their family. Then of course, there is the common bride’s maid wedding speech during which the bride’s maid asks the guests to raise their glasses in a toast to the bride. In a wedding where a woman is older and has her son or sons give her away. In this situation, it’s very common to hear a son of the bride speech.

Preparing a speech for the bride can be a nerve racking task, but it doesn’t have to be. Just remember to only have one guest give a speech to the bride you do not want the speeches to take up the whole evening. Usually it’s the best man that will give a speech for the bride and groom. There are numerous places where you can find some ideas for free bride speech toasts.

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