Silk Flowers vs Real Flowers for Wedding

One of the major decisions that a bride needs to make when planning her wedding is the type of flowers to have. And one of the major questions is whether to choose fresh or silk wedding flowers. The decision typically comes down to cost, appearance, durability and convenience. If you know how to arrange silk flowers, you may want to give it a shot.

Silk Flowers vs Real Flowers for Wedding
Silk Flowers vs Real Flowers for Wedding

Sillk flowers save money:

For many brides, it becomes obvious that silk flowers are quite a bit cheaper and offer considerable cost savings. In some situations, bride’s real flowers bouquets can cost more than an entire wedding party‚Äôs silk bridal flowers. Still, keep in mind that, unless bought as wholesale discount , some flowers can be very expensive in fresh and silk flowers. Watch for high prices on large, high quality roses, silk flower peony and orchids. For a cheaper version, look for cabbage roses or ranunculus. You may want to try to find someone that buys wholesale silk flowers or silk flowers in bulk. This will help you save even more money.

Decision between silk or fresh flowers:

When making the decision between fresh and silk, many brides worry about their flowers looking too artificial. The result is a lot more money spent on fresh flowers. However, if the bride chooses the right flowers and the right combination of flowers, even discount silk flowers can look real, especially when mixed with silk flower stems. Consider that calla lilies are very difficult to replicate with a natural look, whereas roses are much easier and cheaper to replicate.

Benefits of silk flowers:

As stated before, durability is something you will need to consider when choosing your flowers. Artificial flowers will not wilt, they will not discolor, and broken stems do not usually occur. And, when the wedding is over, you will have a wonderful keepsake without the additional preservation expenses. You may not have the same scent as you would get with fresh flowers, but they will look as beautiful.

Silk flowers for decor:

In addition to using silk for the bridal bouquets, you can also make some beautiful silk flower arrangements for the tables. With all the money you are saving by using silk vs. real flowers, you can have a large quantity of silk flower displays at the ceremony as well as the reception. If you like a bright bold look in your arrangements, white and black silk flowers make beautiful bouquets and arrangements when mixed with the bride’s dress color. For an additional nice touch, many brides make silk flower candle rings for the bridal table.

For the bride who can let go of the pretty smell of fresh flowers and the touch of a rose petal, silk flowers are a very affordable and convenient alternative to fresh flowers.

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