Wedding Seating Plans

So you have decided to have assigned seating at your wedding ceremony or reception. Now you have to figure out how to lay out the seating of your guests to ensure a successful event.

Wedding Seating Plans
Wedding Seating Plans

Top table seating plan:

Seating plans can be very easy to create as long as you keep some very simple rules in mind. The top table seating plan is usually laid out the same at every wedding reception. It has the bride and groom in the middle, with the groomsmen sitting on the groom’s side while the bridesmaids sit on the bride’s side. In some cases the parents of the bride and groom are also included in the top table wedding seating plan, but this is less common.

Round table seating plan:

It is also advised that you avoid using round tables at the wedding reception if possible. This is due to the fact that many of the guests will have to turn their heads and chairs to get a good view of the top table and podium to view the master of ceremonies or any other speakers during the reception.

Keep a seating planner:

No matter how your wedding is set up, you should keep a seating planner or seat planner handy to work out the arrangement. When guests RSVP or when things change in the number of guests you are having, it will be easier to figure things out if you have a good seating planner handy. You will also want to give the final copy to the person that is looking after your reception table so that they can point the guests arriving at your wedding reception to their proper places. The easiest way to do this is to have table numbers and name plates at each spot on the tables. That way the reception table attendee can point them to the correct table number where they will find their name tags.

Diagram of the wedding table seating plan:

If you have a large number of guests, it is also a good idea to post a diagram of the wedding table seating plan for guests to refer to in case they forget where they are going, or want to look for other guests that are attending. That way, you are less likely to have guests wandering around searching for each other.

Family members seating plan:

Just remember when making your wedding reception seating plans. The family members of the bride and groom generally should be sitting closer to the head table with a good view of the podium and bride and groom. The friends, coworkers and acquaintances of the bride and groom will sit towards the back of the reception hall with less of a view.

Following these simple guidelines will allow you to quickly put together a wedding seating plan that will have all your guests satisfied that they have been given the best seat in the house.

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