How to Plan a Bridal Shower

If you are wondering how to plan a bridal shower, there are many resources here to help you. Bridal shower planning, when done correctly, is easy and fun. It is just like planning any other event. The only thing required is that you have an interest in showing the bride-to-be a really good time. Well, that and a bridal shower plan. Everything else will fall into place.

Planning a bridal shower is very simple. You don’t even need to hire a bridal shower planner unless you want to. Wedding shower planning starts with choosing a venue and ends with the clean up at the end of the party. If you are uncertain about doing it yourself, check at your library or on the internet for possible free bridal shower planner sheets. These can be very helpful in making sure you do not forget any important details. If you’re lucky and find the right site, you may be able to get free bridal shower planner printables so you can print out as many as you may need.

If you are planning a wedding shower, the very first thing you need to do is choose a venue. Some items to consider when choosing a venue are the bride’s likes and dislikes, as well as the number of people who are likely to attend the shower. Popular locations for bridal showers include backyards, parks, cafés, living rooms and specialty stores. Once you have chosen a venue, you can decide on a type of theme or motif. Try to choose a theme that works with the venue you have available.

For instance, if the bride loves gardening, have a backyard party and encourage people to bring gifts for the backyard. Or, if the bride loves to pamper herself have a spa party and encourage guests to bring a gift that allows the bride to indulge herself. The options really are endless. Two types of popular wedding shower themes are lingerie parties and kitchen parties.

Then, it is time to choose the appropriate invitations and send them out. When considering shower invitations, you will need to think about what the wording, color and texture of paper will convey to the guests. Think about the type of invitations that suit your friend and the type of shower party you are throwing. Planning a special wedding shower for that special someone may take lots of time and work, but it will be more than worth it to see her face.

It’s up to you to find and choose bridal shower food, bridal shower games and any other elements you wish to include. Talk to women you know and find out about games and food that other people have experienced at other bridal showers. There are many books at your library that can help you with bridal shower party planning. If you do not have the opportunity to get out much, you should be able to find the same info online. Planning bridal showers can be a lot of fun, for you and whoever is helping.

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