Wedding Corsages

Deciding on a corsage for your wedding is one of the easier steps of arranging for your wedding flowers. The corsages and boutonnieres are for the groomsmen and important family members who will be attending the wedding. Typically, you will need corsages for the parents of the bride and groom, the grandparents of the bride and groom, sisters and brothers, the ushers, those who assist with the signing of the guest book, your master of ceremonies and any other important family members or helpers at the wedding.


Ways of corsages:

While boutonnieres are worn on the lapel, corsages can be worn in one of three ways. They can be worn pinned to the dress, pinned to the purse or worn on the wrist. The most common corsage is pinned to the dress, but a wrist corsage is worn frequently, more so at proms than weddings. Wrist corsages are worn with a low cut dress where there is no place to put the corsage pins.

How to make corsages:

Many brides or family members learn how to make a corsage and attempt to make their own. If you know how to make corsages, you will save quite an amount of money vs. buying a ready-made corsage for everyone. You can go to the library or online to get instructions to make corsages if you are interested. When people first start making floral bouquets and corsages, they sometimes learn how to make a wrist corsage first.
Flower corsages:

If you want to make a flower corsage, you might try on the groom’s boutonniere, which can be different from the others to signify that he is the man of the day. And, it should match the bride’s bridal bouquet. The flowers in the corsages and boutonnieres should match the wedding flowers that you have chosen. Keep in mind that the flowers should match and that the colors should match. The boutonnieres should be fairly light. If they are heavy, they will lean forward and look poorly.

Peoples and corsages:

The main thing to consider you make a corsage is that you are not going to be dictating the outfits of the people who will be wearing them. You will need to choose a floral selection that will match with a variety of different outfits, patterns and colors. The groomsmen and bridal party will wear matching corsages, but those who are not in the wedding party can wear something more generic that still ties in with the general flower scheme. Think white roses or freesia. A Calla lily corsage is always quite popular at weddings.

Perfect corsages:

Consult your florist about the flowers that will be available during the season of your wedding. He or she will be able to make the best suggestions about the look and durability of corsage flowers. If the florist is a personal friend, he or she may even show you how to make bridal corsages. Before you know it, you will have the perfect corsages picked out and all of your special friends and family members will look radiant on your wedding day.


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