Announcing Your Wedding Engagement

Announcing your engagement is exciting and yet it is as easy as posting an engagement announcement in the paper for all your family and friends to see. In addition, chances are, your engagement will be so exciting to the ones you love, that news of your impending wedding will spread like wild fire. Even so, you may want to consider some more formal ways of announcing your engagement.

One way to get free samples of engagement announcements is to check your local newspaper at how other couples are doing it. This may not seem real to you, but many elderly people believe there is such a thing as announcement engagement etiquette. The amount of wedding-related information on the web is phenomenal. Therefore, if you have found yourself wondering, “What to say to announce my engagement,” all you need to do is read all you can on the subject.

You can announce your engagement by mailing out engagement announcement cards or an announcement of engagement letter. Not very many use the letter, but it is an idea. Alternatively, if you are planning an engagement party, a mail-out of an announcement of engagement invitation may be appropriate.

The only thing you need to decide when announcing your engagement is how you would like your announcement of engagement notices to be designed. You can look for some ideas online, in card shops or ask your friends and family about any engagement notices they mailed out during their wedding planning. With computers and software being so popular and widely used, many couples enjoy making their own announcements.

You can even create your wedding engagements announcement on Photoshop, allowing you to use your own photos. If you like the personal touch, you can check out engagement announcement archives or engagement announcement samples on the Internet to get ideas. The type of announcements that you make yourself can be more personal at half the cost of custom-made ones.

Another way to make your engagement announcement more personal is to include a special poem or verse that means a lot to you and your spouse in your engagement announcement. There are many engagement announcement verses suggestions online, or you can consult your local bookstore. And, if you’re feeling really creative, you can write the engagement announcement verse yourself.

And if you are really looking for some trendy ways to announce your engagement, check out how the celebrities announce their engagements. That way, you will make headlines among your family and friends the way the rich and famous do! The headlines will not read, “Eva Longoria Announces Engagement,” or “Amanda Chaser Engagement Announcement.” Instead, you’ll see your name in big bold letters in the newspaper or on a stylish engagement card sent out to family and friends.

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